The new face of corporate fitness in the Denver Metro area

As Coloradans, we all talk about the state we love; how it promotes activity, how like-minded people seem to end up here, how we are an outdoorsy population, how we have more parks than any other state, we could go on and on... Now our state is taking tangible steps to be at the forefront of the health and wellness industry. Colorado has created a new strategic plan that aims to make our state the leader for prevention and wellness, high quality health care services and outdoor recreation (it’s time the world finds out just how great we are). Since we are in the business of corporate wellness, and the Denver Metro area is our largest city, other cities will be watching us to see exactly what trends are being set in corporate wellness and fitness arena.

The strategic plan was created by experts from multiple disciplines throughout the state who came together create a blueprint geared to make Colorado the leader in the nation in the health and wellness industry.

Prevention and Wellness is one of the main focuses of the plan, and the corporate sector is one of the primary areas that are focused on providing these services. Fitness, custom designed for companies large and small, will be an important part of the “wellness” piece of this larger plan. Large companies often have access to on-site fitness that is company paid, but frequently, we find there is a missing link for companies that have under 1000 employees. These smaller companies typically don’t have “gyms” or “fitness rooms” for their employees to work out in. Additionally, many of these smaller companies don’t often have a budget to provide comprehensive, on-site fitness classes, healthy lifestyle education, nutritional seminars, etc. However with the average employee spending 50% of their awake hours at their workplace, and with company’s having a better understanding about the monetary & physical benefits of corporate fitness, the need to provide corporate fitness programs in Denver companies is becoming more and more necessary. Providing a platform for these smaller companies to afford & deliver these services has become a key issue.

Another issue that smaller companies face is having the personnel available to manage a wellness & fitness program. Many companies don’t have the resources or the bandwidth to add yet another job title into one of their employee’s job descriptions. A fitness & wellness provider that offers a complete array of services, options for every company budget (including not having one!), and has the ability to manage all of the programs is the answer. So how can smaller companies offer a fitness & wellness program? Find a fitness & wellness provider that provides options for no budget or smaller budgets, quality instructors, an array of wellness and fitness options (nutritional programs, seminars, lunch & learns, customized wellness challenges) and manages it all for you and your company will be on their way to offering a comprehensive wellness program for your employees, without using all of your departments resources.

 To read more about Colorado's strategic health and wellness plan, click the link below: posted: July 27, 2014 - Complete Fitness, LLC - Blog
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