Corporate Nutrition & Wellness Seminars in Denver, Colorado

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Corporate Nutrition

Ongoing healthy living and nutrition support (all programs fully customizable for your company’s needs):
Complete Fitness will design and implement a health living and wellness plan for your employees. Examples include:
  • Weekly emails with health and wellness education, including materials with action steps
  • One-on-one in-person or virtual wellness and nutrition consultations
  • Onsite or virtual presentations tailored to employees’ needs
  • Metabolic Typing: a nutrition program that offers personalized nutrition advice
  • Group forum for employees to connect, motivate each other, check in, post success stories, ask questions, and come together.

Nutrition Program Offerings

Customized nutrition programs for your business may include, but are not limited to, the following:
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Examples of recent topics:
  • Weight Management: What Works and What Doesn't 
  • Fat vs. Calories: What to Count and Why?
  • Understanding & Using the New Food Guide Pyramid
  • Understanding Food Labels and Portion Size
  • Making Healthy Meals in Minutes 

Webinars and/or Teleseminars
These virtual presentations are similar to the above listed seminars and lunch & learns. Our ability to deliver virtually allows employees from all over the world to be connected to the program. This is a great option for companies who have employees in different locations, or for companies whose employees have a hard time getting away from their desks. All webinars or teleseminars can be recorded for later viewing by those who are unable to attend.

6-12 Month Ongoing Virtual Wellness Education Program
This program provides ongoing encouragement, digestible bits of education and information, and regular action steps. By using an email drip system, employees are provided new information in small, digestible pieces on a regular basis. This program is one that employees look forward to. They enjoy having someone ‘check-in’ on them each day and provide them with fun and enlightening information to help keep them easily on-track and moving towards their goals. Programs delivered in this format cover mind, body, and spirit and provide a comprehensive approach to health and well-being. Group forums and virtual seminars can also be included in this programming. This program can be designed to meet the individual needs and goals of your employees and your company.

1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching
Nutrition coaching can be offered onsite or virtually (via Skype or phone). Topics of discussion may include positive behavior change, healthy eating strategies, time management, motivation and support, and even more comprehensive services such as reviewing lab work from a functional and preventative perspective. This is a great way to personally touch the lives of employees and is a great preventative health and accountability tool.

3-12 Week Small Group Programs
Small group programs are a great offering to have onsite for those employees who are ready to take their healthand well-being to the next level. These small group programs can be offered onsite or virtually. Program topics can range from healthy eating 101, to more advanced and personalized nutrition and wellness programming. The options are endless and can be personally tailored to the needs and wants of the employees and your company.

To learn more about scheduling nutrition and wellness seminars for your business, call Complete Fitness, LLC at 720-628-2901.


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